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Christopher "Mr. Belvedere" Hewett supposedly sat on his own testicles during a script reading for the show. The rumor has two endings...that he yelled so loudly that the light above the table in the room shook or that he was carried out on a stretcher.
"Aaargh! I just Belvedered myself!"
by JimmyD March 02, 2005
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To sit on one's testicles, presumably by accident.
Actor Christopher Hewett, who played Mr. Belvedere on the eponymous comedy show, once sat on his testicles at a staged script reading and yelled so loudly from the pain that the flourescent lighting shook.
by RyanTheGreat June 20, 2006
A type of luxury polish vodka that is refered to in several rap songs.
From Hell Yeah by Ginuwine: So girl, quit frontin’ and get you’re ass over here
And get yourself a cup of this Crown and Belvedere
by Masta J Freshness March 25, 2005
A make of luxury car by Plymouth from 1951 to 1970. It was best known for its two tailfins in the rear.

A 1957 model was buried brand new beneath the Tulsa Courthouse in Oklahoma and was unveiled in 2007 exactly 50 years to the date it was buried. However, it was heavily rusted from water that seeped into the vault and all that was intact were items held in a sealed cylindrical capsule.
A 1950s-era car was a Plymouth Belvedere.
by Nick Weiner May 12, 2008
bell-vuh-deer n. A pompous homosexual aristocrat.
Tony Randall may be married to some young babe, but we all know he's just a Belvedere.
by Grogan's Heroes September 13, 2003
a middle class area bordering on a ghetto (thamesmead)
belvedere, bexley, kent, england
translates as 'beautiful view', as it looks out over much of london and essex
two parts, upper and lower, lower bit of a shit hole
guy a:Belvedere is such a ghetto
guy b: Fuck off before i knife you, wanker
by R SAVAGE June 16, 2006
The best skate-punk-metal-pop-hardcore (That's how Steve, vocals and guitar definied their music) band ever. Formed in 1995 they split up in 2005 for a reason I don't know.
Belvedere made me start playing guitar.
by Belvedere August 12, 2005
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