Top Definition
A very excitable person.
Can be extremely awesome and funny.
Can make a group of sad people happy.
Great with kids.
Guy: Hey did you see Shir today?
Girl: Ya! She told the funniest joke!
Guy: Really? Sucks that i missed it. I didn't see her in class and it was so boring. She is really awesome.
by OsnapppxO December 25, 2009
A another word for shit, but in a funny way to say it.
Don't ever be so mean to jacob, thats my job. HA! I don't give a shir.
by John Caimerson November 06, 2006
The mispronounciation of a widely known "curse" word.
I dont give a shir! ok? >_>
by Kid dynomite! November 06, 2006
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