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A second name.
You call this person by their second name at ALL times.
It is vital that you do this or you will be forever cursed by the wrath of Bellis.
Person: Hey, Amy! CRAP! I mean...Bellis! *eye twitch*
Bellis: DIE, MOTHER ******

Person: Hey, Bellis! Would you like some GR8ed cheese? :3
Bellis: Must you call me by my second name? ¬_¬
Person: Not atall...Bellis.
by thewordsofashleigh November 12, 2010
the belly of a boston terrior
Cosmo's bellis was cold after he laid on the tile floor.
by philip, sean August 07, 2006
A PIMP!! one of the greatest compliments anyone can give you!!!!
Very cool!! Slightly overweight!
1: How you doin belli mate?
2: im cool!
by Pete February 23, 2004
v. to say you're going to commit to one thing, all the while doing something else.

n. a miserable failure

n2. a figure who shaved the mustache he used to have and now is looking distinctly fabulous
v. Dude, I swear I'm gonna play my alliance druid because it's awesome. Now watch me dual-box while i afk and play my tauren druid.

Dude, that's a Belli.

n.: My dad would give me money, but he is a total Belli.

n2.: I dumped her because she was not a Belli; she didn't even look remotely fabulous!
by LTAGuy August 29, 2008
A "Belli" is a very hairy orifice
David looked down and noticed she was extremely Belli downstairs.
by gringo1 May 02, 2005
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