Verb - To get punched our rocked around the facial area by somone else.
A - Did you see the fight last friday?

B - No, I heard some guy got slugged.

A - Chyea, dude got belled.
by LCAST February 09, 2009
Top Definition
When a girl says they are interested in you, but aren't ready, and makes you wait a few months. At the end of the few months they decide that you are more of a friend than a dating object.
"I was sure we would be dating by now but I think I got Belled"
"She said she wasn't ready 2 months ago... I think I got Belled"
by Phantom373 May 30, 2013
Filled with Taco Bell. (to get belled) To be completely filled with food served at Taco Bell to the point of nearly feeling sick.
Dude, i got so belled yesterday i could hardly stand up straight.
by Michel Parisay May 19, 2006
To have taco bell products thrown at your car while parked in the taco bell parking lot.
"Dude, while we were eating someone belled my car."
by smoney21 January 04, 2006
In the south, to be 'belled' is when a woman gives you the best sex that you have ever had, and it leaves your speechless and teared.
I belled that guy last night.
by TreyRhett November 05, 2006
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