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One sexy piece of ass, Wacky sense of humor, brilliant sharp mind, someone who care to much for other, and sometimes no enough for herself. Willing to help anyone, Such a blast to be around. One in a million and can never be replaced
Bubble Belinda Ges pissed on vokda all the time,
by Cxxo January 22, 2008
An amazing person that you can only envy to become. She's sweet, smart, and pretty, you'd be one lucky guy to date her.
That guy is fucking lucky, he's with Belinda.
by cool epithet July 18, 2009
A device used to crush ice and for making frozen cocktails or other beverages.
Hey get some sweat 'n' sour mix, ice, an tequila so wees can mix it in da belinda!
by DingerHaim August 27, 2009
A fat russian white girl with viking horns and wienerschnitzel.
James Walker wants to find himself a Belinda.
by Unit537 December 05, 2010
To have sex like a sweaty monkey. Usually with a girl from asia.
Harry- "Oh jeez your like a belinda in bed"

Asian Girl- " I Know"
by Ling Wong Chan November 10, 2007

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