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Someone who is always right, no matter what. So you really shouldn't question them.
1: Hey, Riding Dirty is about anal sex.
2: You're right, Belcher.
by Marie Maxwell September 02, 2006
To Burp and call out BELCHER after....
Hannah Doran just burped again "ahhhh BELCHER, BELCHER, BELCHER"

That burp was a right Belcher....
by Joely & watts January 05, 2011
Someone who believes himself to always be right, although rarely is, much to the frustration of others.
Belcher: it takes 35 minutes to get from Windsor to Campbelltown.
The Rest of the Civilised World: You are full of shit Belcher!
by Shoory January 20, 2009
He who suffers a psychological, and sexual, obsession with the one they call "Jessop".
"Hey, where is your boyfriend"

"Where he always is, on his knees working hard for Jessop!"

"Oh, he's a Belcher? I'm so sorry for you"
by Shoory January 22, 2009

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