The most kick ass capital in the world!!! where corrupt politicians, rich company owners, really poor ghetto merchants selling shit off the street like together in harmony and peace, despite the fact the the politics are messed up as long as you stay where you are and live your life as it is, noone'll do anything to you.

Also a place where people driving in ferraris, lambroghinis, hummers, rolls royces and bentleys will drive past people with cars with only one piston, 3 wheels and a crap load of shit in the back trunk.

A place where people are controled wonderfully because of the communist party, if it was some democratic party who ruled china, the poor people would rebel their asses off.

A place where you can find new york like areas and farmlands smelling like shit.

A place where you can get both real and fake rolexs, louis vitons and all the luxury stuff
Ignorant white guy: Yo, beijing's a commi place
Really smart chinese guy: You bitch, what are you talking about, Beijing kicks ass
they both travel to beijing and live happily ever after...
by The eddie wang banana man September 15, 2005
Top Definition
Beijing is a city in China (which happens to be the capital)
The 2008 Olympics will be held here.
Beijing's short form is's true
Sam - Hey I like your BJ 2008 hat
Fred - Thanks, I got it at Best Buy
by Ness October 04, 2004
A large layer of thick smog in China, it is believed that there is a city in there.
(Two people in Beijing)
Person 1 - Where are you?
Person 2 - I'm here, can't you see me
Person 1 - Of course not we're in Beijing
by yorricksfriend August 19, 2008
The capital of China, also the center of culture and politics in China. It is an old and attractive city.
Beijing, wait for me! i will come too see you!
by Sdmhy August 01, 2007
A sexual act performed during fellatio. Just before the male orgasms, he grabs the sides of the other person's head, stretching their eyes to resemble that of a Chinese person.
I've been with my girl for 5 years now. I would never cheat on her, but I've never been with an Asian girl before. So last night, I gave her a Beijing. Worth.
by FlippinKamikaze September 27, 2015
A term coined by SF street gangs for "rent-a-cops".. .specifically the kind of security police employed by condominium associations to patrol the perimeters of the condos. In SF, as expensive yuppie condos continue to be built at breakneck pace, they are infringing upon the traditionally socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods (or to put it another way, oftentimes you can now find million-dollar gated condo developments directly across the street from '60's-70's housing projects). Amazingly, these private security firms actually have some jurisdiction to stop and arrest citizens of the neighborhood, outside of the confines of the condo properties themselves.
"It wasn't the SFPD which pulled us over, it was beijing".


"Beijing detained us until the real cops came".
by JayeJaye April 11, 2008
Adjative: A condition when the weather is particularly hazy, polluted, hot, humid or of similar condition.
Jimbo: Hey, how is the weather outside?
MJ: It is straight Beijing.
by Diegoengel August 12, 2008
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