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Use Behemoth as a personal Jesus Christ in which to obtain Gnosis from.
by Urban Shaman December 06, 2007
This one species of moth, that whenever i have a party seems to make it into my basement. This thing must be at least 4 inches big, its huge and everyone hates it. Also when im smoking in a parking lot i see it flying around the lights.
Cortland: Behe-moth!!
Me: Fuck where?!
Some random skank: OMFG KILL IT!
by Your Favorite Band September 08, 2010
A behemoth is usually used to describe an unusually large and powerful dick.
Captain Cave Man - You will all marvel behind my behemoth dick.

Mizzo - Hey guys, my dick is a behemoth.
Honky - Really?
Mizzo - Yeah. It's so big.
by Big ol Mizzo April 29, 2008
Something large and usually quite revolting to look at, can refer to something living, or something inanimate. Also a metal band, and a large sea creature.

Can also be shouted out as a random chant for effect in any conversation.
Man: Urgh look at that fat chick
Friend: Oh shes a total behemoth!

Man: Dude look at the size of that pimple!
Friend: How big is it?
Man: Its practically a behemoth!

Man:So I'm gonna go to the shop now
Friend: Behemoth!
2nd Friend: BEHEMOTH!
by Simon Alnaimi April 11, 2008
A Giant creature, a Behemotrh is a big-ass creature...
... Jeff shoots an arrow at the BEHEMOTH.
Arrow hits it in the eye.
by Private November 07, 2003
An individual who is picked on mercilessly by his so called friends. Often four times the size of the average overweight individual, but always believes everything they hear on fox news. Daily diet consists of small woodland animals, large woodland animals, small woodlands, large woodlands, small and large city folk, small and large cities, small and large countries, entire planets, solar systems, galaxies, black holes, time and space itself and the unknown that lies beyond it. Has his very own gravitational pull. Usually doesn't swim as civilizations mistaking his body for new lands undiscovered will often settle on him.
Parent: "All five of my daughters were raped and murdered, cut into small pieces and fed to wolves!"

Behemoth: "yeah, but everything happens for a reason. A flower probably blossomed from the brutal raping and murder of your daughters."
by Damien marley cootenburry August 23, 2010
Behemoth is a term used to describe a girl who looks like she's been nailed by 1000 black men.
"that girl had a huge behemoth between her legs, it was worse than a sasquatch and a mott"
by LongJ0n July 17, 2008

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