A behemoth is a foolish creature who likes to try to lick it's elbows, and gets terribly upset when it does not succeed.
1: what are you trying to do?

2: i'm so angry! i can't lick my elbow!

1: what a behemoth!
by akabonez December 02, 2011
gianormous, totally huge, like BIG
oh mi that was bloody behemoth!
HOLY DAAAM! u r sooooo behemoth
by sKoE March 21, 2005
Behemoth is two things 1) A huge lion like monster on the final fantasy series also see catoblepus who is easy as to kill even tho its mostly at the end of the game. and 2) A black metal pagan band that changed to a satanic death metal band
*sighs* why could they stay pagan
by Lord Of The Whores September 06, 2004
A HUGE SUV, RV or a 4x4 pickup truck jacked up with gigantic tires, usually with a pint sized bearded male driver or a soccer mom with a cell phone attached to her ear at the steering wheel.
" OMG, look at that ridiculous behemoth lumbering by!" (insert hilarious laughter here)
by Leigh Crutchfield May 26, 2006
A fat slut who likes asian kids with homo emo glasses.
The Behemoth's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
by Voice of Reason April 16, 2004
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