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when a blunt is being smoked, it burns down to the size of a beetle (thus the name) before it burns down to the size of a roach.
stoner1: hey you want to hit this beetle?
stoner2: nah its okay just let me get the roach.
by tripsytrips February 28, 2008
Beetle: to beetle means to take off with slight paranoia, scram, get, or run away quickly. 2: to flee the scene. 3: get the fuck outta dodge.
Hey Twitch where did the dog go? Oh she beetled off out the door. Hey I gotta bettle before your husband gets home.
by Twitchenese March 19, 2007
Noun; Slang. A term used to refere to the Crypt Lord.
"Taste the wrath of my Beetle Whiskers, blademaster faggot!"
by Gren January 07, 2004