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n. Mythical Simian like creature that magicly appears during the middle of the night to Ruffle your hair, shit in your mouth and nick $50 out of your wallet while you sleep. Often visits after you duck out on a Friday night for a few "bevvies" with the boys.
And I'd just nipped out for a few quiet beers with boys and the next thing you know I wake up with a hangover and the "Beer Monkey's" paid me a visit!
by Daxxler January 23, 2003
An imaginary primate that steals all your money on a night out.
I had to leg it from the taxi driver as the beer monkey had robbed me!
by JC Meister July 05, 2004
Adj. A phrase which describes the post hangover feeling of foreboding and doom accompanied often by an inability to attain restful sleep despite severe fatigue.
Dude I had the worst beer monkeys ever last night, they rode me all night long!
by Hego1983 January 20, 2009
When you wake up in the morning, you know if you've had a visit from the Beer Monkey. Whilst passed out on the sofa after a heavy night of drinking, the Beer monkey pays you a visit and lays out a fat shit in your mouth, steals £10 for his Crack addiction and fucks off, resulting in the awful taste in the morning. He is known to visit between 3-4am whilst you are totally wankered. Not to Be confused with the Doner Monkey
After a Hard night getting Wankered...
Him: I am Fucked. *pukes in bin next to bed*
Me: Mate.. The Beer Monkey so visited me last night dude.
Him: Urrrghh *Keels over and dies*
by Doug + Sean August 27, 2005
A person nominated by the rest of a drinking group to fetch them all beer on request. A modern form of slave.
"Beer monkey, I'm empty, fetch me a frosty one from the fridge!"
by sean briggs September 19, 2005
Technically 3, Clive, Geoff and Steve. After a heavy night on the pop, Clive ransacks your room while hiding your wallet,keys,phone,etc while Geoff punches you in your sleep (subsequent black eyes and headache in morning!) At the same time, Steve shits in your mouth leaving that strange nasty taste in the morning which not even bleach can shift!
Guy1: Went out last night on the piss, fuckin beer monkeys got me again!
Guy2: Bastards, looks like they got you a treat!
by Rich April 18, 2004
The mythical beast which descends upon your fridge and removes all your beer. Typically after you went out and brought lots of said beer and found none left following a night in with the lads
Lee said to Dunc, "Where has all my stella gone, there were 24 cans in the fridge?". Dunc replies, "It was not me, must have been the beer monkey!"
by SenseiRoo August 31, 2006
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