Slur referring to those who are from the country, Canada.
1. Mike has a couple of his beer monkey friends staying with him while they're on vacation.

2. Sarah won't go to Canada. She says she doesn't want to deal with all the beer monkeys.
by J. Package May 26, 2008
The knuckle-dragging, Darwin-defying, "missing link" to homo sapiens whom you would never see without a beer in hand and whose entire contribution to society is that they're sometimes the "life of the party" despite the fact that their speech is neanderthal and their opinions, when vocalized, are barbaric.
Overpopulated within "frat houses", while shunning true fraternity because "it's gay"
"look at that beer monkey drooling all over the couch"
"that f*cking beer monkey just puked on my shoes!"
by EY1392 August 05, 2007
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