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4 definitions by Daxxler

n. Mythical Simian like creature that magicly appears during the middle of the night to Ruffle your hair, shit in your mouth and nick $50 out of your wallet while you sleep. Often visits after you duck out on a Friday night for a few "bevvies" with the boys.
And I'd just nipped out for a few quiet beers with boys and the next thing you know I wake up with a hangover and the "Beer Monkey's" paid me a visit!
by Daxxler January 23, 2003
53 11
Unidentified Drinking Injury - A mysterious injury received during a bender (qv) and of which the victim has no recollection
"Honestly Officer, Me and my brother N-Lew don't know WHAT happened. We was just heading back from the Tav with these 2 georgous chicks and when we woke up they'd turned into Swamp Donkeys!" said J-Lew. "Must have been some sort of U.D.I." N-Lew added
by Daxxler February 05, 2003
11 2
n. Generously Proportioned Knickers
As the dust settled on the debacle that was Club Terrymont, Publican Dave Orr surveyed the wreckage and found some disturbing evidence " HOLY SHITE BATMAN...that's a pair of the Largest APPLE CATHERS I've ever seen"!
by Daxxler February 20, 2003
14 11
A female Bereft of Physical beauty;
tug boat; boiler; sea monster; steg
by Daxxler February 05, 2003
6 10