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n. Mythical Simian like creature that magicly appears during the middle of the night to Ruffle your hair, shit in your mouth and nick $50 out of your wallet while you sleep. Often visits after you duck out on a Friday night for a few "bevvies" with the boys.
And I'd just nipped out for a few quiet beers with boys and the next thing you know I wake up with a hangover and the "Beer Monkey's" paid me a visit!
by Daxxler January 23, 2003
Unidentified Drinking Injury - A mysterious injury received during a bender (qv) and of which the victim has no recollection
"Honestly Officer, Me and my brother N-Lew don't know WHAT happened. We was just heading back from the Tav with these 2 georgous chicks and when we woke up they'd turned into Swamp Donkeys!" said J-Lew. "Must have been some sort of U.D.I." N-Lew added
by Daxxler February 05, 2003
n. Generously Proportioned Knickers
As the dust settled on the debacle that was Club Terrymont, Publican Dave Orr surveyed the wreckage and found some disturbing evidence " HOLY SHITE BATMAN...that's a pair of the Largest APPLE CATHERS I've ever seen"!
by Daxxler February 20, 2003
A female Bereft of Physical beauty;
tug boat; boiler; sea monster; steg
by Daxxler February 05, 2003
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