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1. To be looking fat and smelly; podgy and honking; greasy and moist.

2. Disgusting Smell; an overpowering odour
Examples of Description 1 in effect:

a) "You know, Talha was looking well beefsly today"

b) Ahmyd: "who farted?"

Fifi: "i reckon it was that guy there, he looks beefsly"

c) Mmn: "Gadz mate, i aint walking next to u, u look mad beefsly"

d) "i need to have a shower dude, i feel beefsly"

Examples of Description 2 in effect:

"it smells beefsly in here"

"that place was beefsly"

The following examples are what could be described as a beefsly:

A burger from a burger van that is drenched in onions. Warm animal fat slumped on a table, leaking onto the floor.

A horrid smell in a humid atmosphere.

Days old doner kebabs and onions in garlic sauce.
A mountain of rotting meat, swamped with flies and rats.

A drain in the middle of India used as a sewer by the locals
The armpit of a streetsweeper after a hot days work in the sun.
by Maman Moonsphere February 17, 2011
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