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an extremely sexy brown kid who is in a sate of permanent orgasm and will feel you up if you come too close. he is an international sex symbol and turns his own mom on.
talha imam

"***moan*** OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*** screams of pleasure ***TALHA!!!!!!!!!!!! TALHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!**OHHHHHHHHHH!!!****"
by allison keane November 15, 2004
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sexy badass canadian'll jizz your pants just looking at him.
he is obsession with the number 23 that chicks find to be hot.
he is also a self proclaimed baller n can take 3 pointers with blindfolds.
once a talha is turned on he wont give up untill he bones you anal.talha's are also very friendly and popular.
" dude..talha just took 6 3 pointers in a row"
"thats nothing..last night he fucked 5 chicks at once"
by obsessedwithyou.T November 25, 2011
In arabic, it means a very big tree. It is a very beautiful name.
Talha means a big tree in arabic and it shows that this person named Talha is very helpful just like the big tree that gives people some shade when it's very sunny and hot and also that produces oxygen during the day and enabling that world to breathe. And also very kind and giving.
by RegardlessOfWarnings January 06, 2014
Is the last original nigga' alive , stays in D-town Texas PIMP,playa, ETC
Grinding you kno what i keep in a linin nigga'z betta stay in line when you see a playa like me shinin'
by SHAWN DINGALONG January 14, 2004
The BEST friend you'll ever have. The most honest and sensitive guy you'll ever meet. He will also be slightly secretive, shy at first, and reserved. His heart will be a rock to get through to. But once you've managed that, the rush of feelings and emotions will be unstoppable. Warning : NEVER lie to or hide anything from talha. that WILL make him furious.
You : 'Talha i'm so sorry i swear i meant to tell you, it's just that i forgot. Please, i'm so sorry. Youre not mad at me right? I swear i wasnt' hiding anything.'

Talha : 'Okay.'
by Recovery August 29, 2011
Gives rimjobs for free
Lick my arse talha
by hamza1234 November 25, 2010
Talha is a tard.
by talhaisatard September 11, 2011

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