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Homo-sapian, well so we think. The beechy is probably the least punctual person on the entire planet. Capable of random acts of extreme rage when provoked (especially when making remarks about his sister), the beechy is commonly found at the local watering hole, drowing his sorrows and trying to grab young females in their down stairs region!
Man did you see beechy with that chick, he's such a beechy!!
by G-Train September 02, 2005
is amazing cool and funnny and has loads of 3 somes and woooohh is fucking seexxxxyy!
girl 1: i had a 3 some last night
girl2: oh my god, what a beechy!
#sexy #beechy #3 some #funny #night
by blonde bitchyyy beech tree August 31, 2010
A community of travellers who's sole occupation is ruining the neighbourhood.they enjoy starting fights at fairgrounds and punching each other.also going out with girls way too young for them to have a healthy realtionship.
fancy going to the beechies

#pickey #gipsy #gypo #knifers #gangs
by your all wrong November 06, 2008
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