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A native to the australian outback, the drop bear is a mysterious, yet chillingly savage member of the marsupial family. If you are unlucky enough to pitch a tent under a tree inhabited by a drop bear, and rouse it from it's slumber, be prepared for pain country! It will drop from the tree, latching onto your face (a la the facehugger from the alien)and proceeds to rid you of any good looks you may (or may not) have once had.

Only known deterrant is a generous smearing of vegemite behind the ears. It saved me once and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
"Quick Bazza, grab the '303 mate! Wazza and Macca got drop bears on 'em and are runnin round like headless chooks!!"
by G-Train August 15, 2005
Commonly played by drunken fraternity boys in the mid eighties, extreme chess has only become mainstream in the last 2-3 years. Every time you take an opponents piece, you are allowed one closed fisted hit anywhere on that opponents face, while remaining seated. Players must always alternate striking hands, and achieving a "check" allows for two blows. God forbid you shoule be worked into "check mate", because that attracts the afformentioned double blow, however from a standing position to inflict maximum degradation.
After having a few drinks with the lads..."Hey guys, lets have a game of extreme chess!!"....."Fuck that man, I'm not that drunk, lets play Russian Roulette instead"
by G-Train August 02, 2005
Ever had one of thse guys who just hung around during a conversation? Or just came up and leant his head on your shoulder for no apparent reason? Yes?, then you have been in contact with a gay butterfly. Denial is his best weapon, however if he gets you alone, prepare for cheeky pseudo-gay gestures and comments and never let your guard down, he will exploit it!
"Ben, Your such a gay butterfly!!"

(in the way he mimics the fluttering movements of a butterfly as he prances from male to male)
by G-Train August 02, 2005
Homo-sapian, well so we think. The beechy is probably the least punctual person on the entire planet. Capable of random acts of extreme rage when provoked (especially when making remarks about his sister), the beechy is commonly found at the local watering hole, drowing his sorrows and trying to grab young females in their down stairs region!
Man did you see beechy with that chick, he's such a beechy!!
by G-Train September 02, 2005
The magic word whenever you find yourself stuck in a conversation about something you couldnt give a rats ass about. Just utter the word "scan" and both you and your co-conversationist must cease talking and switch the topic.
Barry: "Have you seen the latest polls? I do believe that the political position on said party is extravagantly...."

Mick: "Scan"

long silence

Barry: "So...Pretty warm today huh?"
by G-Train September 04, 2005
A derogatory insult, usually saved for an occasion that calls for extremely colourful language. Taken from the Hollywood Director Joel, a Schumacher is an often annoying, blatently homosexual individual whose penchant for all things colourful and rubber, single handedly killed one of the most grippingly dark action franchises of the 90's
"Your such a fuckin' Schumacher!"
by G-Train August 02, 2005
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