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Derogatary term for a bald head, usually on an elderly woman.

Look at the Beeble on that
by Hadit de Paris July 10, 2008
2 9

The string that connects your button to your shirt.
The beeble broke and I lost my button.
by Soren Nilson January 14, 2005
38 12
The way foreign Arabic-speakers pronounce the english word "people." They don't have the "P"-sound in their language. The closest is B.
"Hey, beeble!"

"Don't bark in front of my restaurant!"
by rhinoceros June 10, 2009
27 16
a term of endearment (origin: babe)
hey beeble, come over here and snuggle with me
by beeblebeeble March 07, 2010
18 8
Someone who is very fast almost uncatchable basically a Fast motherfucker .
Bob-That kid just burned me in the hundred meter dash
John- dude he is a beeble its ok
by onlythurmanaround October 01, 2006
28 23
To ramble on and on about nonsense, un-interesting information, or about something your neighbor or friend told you, without thinking about what you're saying or without caring if what you are saying is accurate.
John continued to beeble about how evil Planned Parenthood was when he had no idea what services the agency provided.
by RudeGubmintWorker April 18, 2011
2 2
The very tiny, pin-head size ball-like protuberances of cloth that occur on sweaters and blankets, usually after multiple washes. Very common for wool or knitted items.
Jane: Why is my shirt covered in beebles?
Joe: I thought you needed it washed?
Jane: It was dry-clean only!
by Lukewashere July 04, 2011
3 4

The origin of beeble began as Juice con baby, which evolved into juicy baby into baby abbreviated into bb into beeb and finally through technical and scientific methods, turns into beeble. Others believe it is derived from Juice Con Baby roughly translated Juice with baby, meaning Baby Juice then somehow through quantum physics, becomes Beeble Juice and given the short or abbreviated name of Beeble.
Also a main character( Beeble one kineeble) in Star Wars.

synonyms include: Beeblus Jeeblus(used as scientific term/name)
beebus jeebus (used religiously by followers who believe Jesus was a beeble)
Beeble Jeeble, beeb jeeb

Juice Con Baby>Juicy Baby>Baby>BB>Beeb=Beeble


Juice Con Baby=Juice With Baby/Baby Juice+Quantum Physics>Beeble Juice= Beeble
by beeblus jeeblus January 10, 2009
10 12