Someone that does not get the hint that it is time to leave your bed.
I awoke this morning to a blonde bed bug who's mascara had run onto my pillowcase. As I attempted to start my day, she pulled the covers up tight and asked for breakfast. It was time for her to leave.
#bedbug #bed bugs #bedbugs #unwanted guest #insurgent #lingerer #loiterer #beer goggles
by commanderfilms December 10, 2011
A term for sexually transmitted diseases for candid discussion or to refer STD's humerously
If you're going to have sex with Herpe Helen who has 6 kids with 8 possible fathers, wear a (rubber) so the bed bugs don't bite
#bedbugs #bebu #bedugs #std #herpes #sexually transmitted diseases #std's
by Reverend Jake October 27, 2009
a friend with benefits in a relationship that ruins your credit or abuses you financially.
When he/she lost their job, sooner or later I knew that the relationship I was in was going to turn him/her into a bedbug.
#golddigger #scrub #gigalo #whore #manwhore #he-whore
by citychic12 October 02, 2009
generally the STD known as crabs, but can be used to define any other kind of STD.
"Hey man, check out that fine-ass chick!"

"Nah bro, don't touch her. That bitch got some bed bugs."
#crabs #busted #bedbugs #bed-bugs #std's
by Jakeass8 May 17, 2009
drugs. Illegal ones.
"'Ere mister, got any bedbugs....?"
by Earl Montmorency Grey July 05, 2005
it's the feeling that you get at night when you have bugs crawling inside your ear to lay eggs in your brain. fun eh?
for example the other day i was sleeping in a dismle cave out in the forest. i wake to feel a weird itching in my ear and a spider comes out. so i beat the shit out of it and piss on it's remains. after a few weeks i was acting stupider than usual so to the doctor i went. he said i had baby spider eggs in my brain and were going to come out of my ear in a few days. a few days later...they finally came and it was odd. the spiders had my looks so i could tell i was the father, but at the end i was used and left by another women. :(
by DICK BLANCO March 02, 2004
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