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This is a term for a really special person. It takes a lot to become a "bebby". Bebby's always stick together no matter what. Bebby's remain loyal to each other and would never think to cross one another negatively. When people see Bebby's out in public, they get jealous and immediately ask to become a bebby but becoming one is almost impossible.
Oh, you are so swaggy, you must be a bebby.
by BebbyDP January 16, 2014
Baby, like Elvis said it.
Bebby, you sure are sumthin' special.
by frankalu November 21, 2010
A term used to describe a litter of baby kittens
Chloem the cat had a litter of bebbies and one of them is Mr. Tabitha Orange.
by Bnyo April 24, 2006
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