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A person who is often referred to as a beatutiful girl who has an amazing body and physique. She is naturally a flirty person. She is very smart, but sometimes acts on impulse and doesn't think before she does anything. She is often regarded to as a slut because of her beauty, but that's far from the truth.
Tabitha off of Bewitched
#beauty #gracious #pretty #gorgeous #skinny
by beezy baby October 31, 2007
Spontaneous, adventurous women with fiesty tempers. They have a certain magic about them that pulls every eye in the room no matter how low key she acts. These girls have an affinity for imagination and creativity. They fight for the underdogs. Tabithas do not back down from a challenge and live with an open mind. They make excellent friends that are always loyal and will fight to the death for you. Tabithas love to live life vibrantly and freely, which often leads to being adrenaline junkies and love to drive very fast cars.
You just can't help but watch Tabitha, there's just something about her.
#magical #imagination #fight #fiesty #adventurous #spontaneous #excellent #friends #vibrant
by swimbuddyforlife February 05, 2010
the best bestfriend in the world,funny hott and always there for you ur so lucky to have a frind like her. dont you ever let her leave you! make sur shes ur bffl forever.
im so lucky to have a tabitha
#tabitha #table #awesome #hilarious #kewl
by taylor howard<3333 February 01, 2009
a truly amazing person. easy to love. extremely beautiful.generally a overall perfect person. this person will find it hard to think badly of others, and finds it easy to forgive people
hey you know Tabitha
yeah she's perfect
#hot #sexy #smart #beautiful #amazing #perfect
by ecp77 July 04, 2009
Tabitha is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me although it did not last long. The feelings i had and still have for her are very strong and i will never forget the way she made me feel when i looked in to her beautiful eyes, and when i did my heart skipped a beat as i knew that she was the most beautiful girl in the world and i would give anything to have her back.
#dog #cat #mouse #donky #ginnipig
by mad dowg December 01, 2010
One badass mofukka.
JaneDoe: "Woah thats one Tabitha"
Tabitha: "Exactly."
#tabitha #name #janedoe #monkey #booty #hugs #nerp
by Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp January 22, 2011
She is the best person in the world and honestly is very mature. She likes to think of fun ideas and has a ton of friends. She has big tits too! ;) Also she is a very dependable person, who can be told any secret and keep it a secret. You are lucky if you happen to be friends with a 'Tabitha'. C'mon guys, she's sweet too, she is great with relationships. Just don't get on her bad side, she tends to be a bitch. Often mistaken as a 'slut' because of her true beauty. Which is misleading. She is nowhere near a slut. She has an irresistible booty. Slap it if you get the chance.
Stacia " Tabitha is such a slut, I want to slit her throat,"
Nancy "No she's just to beautiful!"
#booty #tits #hot #beautiful #slut
by il3ikp30pl3... November 28, 2011
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