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To admonish with seemingly unwarranted severity, usually expressed with righteous indignation.
a. "I don't care if it's 100 degrees out, you're not leaving this house in JUST a thong."
b. "Yo, why you gotta be beastin'?!"
a. "But, mom..."
by jareda May 16, 2005
An unnecessarily extreme reaction. Making a big deal out of nothing. See buggin, wylin out, wylin.
Yo! Why you beastin son?! Daaamn
by Octavian March 09, 2004
(verb) The act of being a beast; being very good at something.

Meg is beastin' Christian at minesweeper!
by TheDementedJorge February 08, 2009
Making a big deal out of nothing
Mother: How could you get an F in Math??
Kid: Ma, stop beastin!
by Diane December 23, 2003
Pwning everyone at videogames
Dude i was doing so good i was Beastin that game
by DarKnightSD April 22, 2008
In a sport, to do exceptionally well. Used mostly in football, when one out-jukes opponents.
A time when your senses are hightened and you can perform above average in what you are doing.
Dude, I was totally beastin' on that fool.
by turbansam May 12, 2008
Describes something that is overly cool and/or large.
Check out Nicole's beastin' sunglasses.
by faeiette June 01, 2006