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4 definitions by Alay

A tattoo located above the ass crack of sluts, and girls who pretend not to be sluts, but of course, really are.
Alex : Do you see that tramp stamp on that skeez?

Frank : Might as well be a bullseye.
by Alay October 15, 2007
Tearing up some pussy
Room mate: Damn dude, you think you were loud enough?

Other Room mate: Sorry dude, I was beastin that shit.
by Alay October 19, 2007
Meaning sweet, awesome, *shibby, a word used when something has excited you in a good way. Usually used by drunk southerners, and generally white trash/hillbilly folks.
Jimbo: jou hear that Hemi?!

Bobby Ray: Shibidyayha!
by Alay October 18, 2007
To rob someone in an illegal line of work (normally a drug dealer).
Criminal A: Hey mayne, you see them niggas down the block?

Criminal B: Yeah, looks like them niggas if fitting to be licked.

(a week or two later)

Victim : I can't believed I just got licked.
by Alay October 19, 2007