ewwwwwww your beastin'
by 171 October 17, 2008
beastin is when you bang a girl so hard in the putang that you make her squirt across the room
yo bro i was beastin cypress`s putang last night bra she must of squirted 10FT it was gnarly bra!
by hillbillyjean123 October 11, 2007
Beastin is when someone beats someone up so bad it looks like they got beat up by a beast. May also be caused by a jump. Past tense Beasted

Oh shit they over there beastin.
We going beastin tonight?
Yo Ashley got beasted last night.
by Joy Wilson June 04, 2006
Really really REALLY cool.
Dude, that pic is so totally beastin.
by kitkat August 14, 2004

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