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To use brute strength and massive force to do something. Also, this action may be classified as going crazy on an object. Perons who do these actions are usually called "beasts" or "savages." Usually used in association with football players, originating from the "savage" players who hit hard.
Person 1: Stupid stapler. It's not working.
Football player: Just beast it.
Person 1: Wow cool it works now.
by Lynbrook Viking March 22, 2006
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1.) verb; to do something that is awesome; to chill with your friends; to not suck. antonym: brown-bagging it

2.) verb; to get some from a girl, anything from a number to a blumpkin
1.) Hey man, what you doing today?
Oh, you know, just beasting it.

Oh dude, you totally beasted it on that test

God, we can't just sit around all day. We gotta go out and
beast it with some honeys.

2.) Aww yeah, i totally beasted it last night with that chick

by Papaduggz July 16, 2008
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