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<i>adj.</i> Considered wild and entertaining, and far from civilized.
After the weedhead opener, the concert was just beast!
by steveisright November 23, 2003
6 8
To comsume a large quantity of food
Man, I went to Taco bell and beasted 15 soft tacos.
by Chops930 November 10, 2002
17 19
The best beer ever. Also called Milwaukee's Best Light. AKA Nectar of the gods.
At 8 bucks a case, you can't top the beast.
by beast lova 656 October 03, 2002
12 14
Bambrick is known for being a beast name and uterly sexy they tend to have very large penises measuring up to 14.5 inches if you hear a boy wanting to fight with a second name bambrick run away!
"Have you seen beast bambrick in bed"
"Ayee who hasn't had sex with him and he's massive penis"
by bambrick October 23, 2013
2 5
A hopped up car or truck once belonging to any young male baby boomer living in the Midwestern portion of the United States in the 1960's through the early 80's. The Beast could be any new or old car or truck with no less than a V-8 engine with fancy wheels and tires, capable of burning plenty of rubber. Commonly referred to as "The Beast or My Beast", many old baby boomers still use this eye-rolling term today when discussing their vehicles in front of their kids, especially when they tell them it's time to buy new "hooves" for The Beast.
I'm taking My Beast out for a spin around the block.
by dmar239 March 23, 2013
1 4
A Scottish slang word for Pedophile
"They just found out Jimmy Saville is a Beast"
by 3ug3ne December 23, 2012
5 8
a person that is great at something, on a higher level than everybody else tends to be a beautiful person also
that jill is such a beast at everything she does
by m5418 December 02, 2012
0 3