to crash, to collapse, to plummit, to fail
1. I can't believe it, I completely bear stearned that test.

2. For the third time this week, my computer bear stearned on me.
by Wolverine11 March 17, 2008
Top Definition
Buying an item and then realizing a week later it is worth 3.33% of what you paid for it.
Dude, you know that car I bought last Monday for $6,000? I had to take it Sunday for $5,800 in repairs. I totally got Bear Stearned by that sales guy.
by bwbw March 20, 2008
The rapid loss of confidence in one's capabilities from one's traditionally supportive network of friends, customers, etc.
Ralph: Dude, nobody wants me to fix their computers anymore.

Ted: You've been bear stearned, bro.
by Kate Sjostrand March 20, 2008
To make a large bet with collateral and lose and then have your bookie sell your collateral for pennies on the dollar to your neighbor.
That dude was whacked at vegas and got bear stearned.
I guess uncle Louie was wrong about the trifecta as he just got bear stearned
Bernacke and J Diamond let the house of cards fall at Bear Stearns
by Bernacke March 23, 2008
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