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A drink, of sorts, consisting of two drinks taken one after the other. An Irish Car Bomb and a Jägerbomb. You simply line them up and take one after the other, wait 5-10 minutes, and then you will know how it has earned it's name.
We were at the bar and I ordered a round of Bear Fights for the group. Afterwards, everyone was excited and suprised at what was going on in their stomach. It was as if a Black bear and a polar bear were fighting inside them.
by Levi Lawhon September 26, 2007
Pooping in, or putting poop into a tube sock, tying the end, and then beating someone with it so they slowly get covered in poo splatter.
Lanalin: Dude, why are you covered in poop?
LexaLynn: I was sleeping on the couch and Jimmary started to bear fight me.
by Lanalin September 21, 2005
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