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3 definitions by Lanalin

Taking a poop (going number 2).
Lexalynn: Oh man! What died in the bathroom?!
Lanalin: Sorry, I ate a burrito at lunch and had to make bears.
by Lanalin November 15, 2005
The annoyingly loud screech young girls make when they get together in groups.
Guys: Hey girls, what's up?
Girls: OMG, they like totally checked us out! EEEEEEEEEEEE!
Guys: F#$*ing Dolphins...
by Lanalin September 21, 2005
Pooping in, or putting poop into a tube sock, tying the end, and then beating someone with it so they slowly get covered in poo splatter.
Lanalin: Dude, why are you covered in poop?
LexaLynn: I was sleeping on the couch and Jimmary started to bear fight me.
by Lanalin September 21, 2005