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To bean bag someone is to hit them with a grenade in the body, usually in the chest. with a grenade fired from an ULG (Underslung Grenade Launcher) the term comes originated from Call Of Duty 4,
"Did you see that? i just bean bagged him straight in the chest!"
by I Mike636 I August 17, 2008
1 5
The act of getting T-bagged by a ballsack the size of a bean bag chair
This big ass black guy bean bagged the shit out of me.
by ssstaples July 10, 2011
12 4
The art of thoroughly getting fucked over by a co-worker. His catatonic reflex to the anger directed towards him after the fucking is delt is usually enjoyed only by those who see the impersonation afterwards.
I was supposed to get relieved 20 minutes ago. Who is relieving you? Oh god no you just got Bean Bagged again.
by Palokuku June 25, 2008
9 5
to be drunk to the state of where everything is funny.
Im so bean bagged hahahaa
by Lucas668 December 21, 2010
6 4
When someone places their scrotum on you
Hey when Tod was asleep last night I bean bagged him and he didn't even know
by plutoloco4 December 13, 2008
2 4
when one sits on a bean bag and is slowly eating and raped by said bean bag vicously until all that is left is underwear and converses
Emma: dude you ever been bean baged?
paul: no what's that
Arvind: ah he doesn't know emma lets go (nod's wisely)
Paul: awww come on let me be bean bagged
Emma: well, ok....
Paul: ok (sit's on bean bag) what now, o god help help!!!!!
Arvind and Emma: paul you were just bean bagged baby!
by Art students May 04, 2007
1 22