To bean bag someone is to hit them with a grenade in the body, usually in the chest. with a grenade fired from an ULG (Underslung Grenade Launcher) the term comes originated from Call Of Duty 4,
"Did you see that? i just bean bagged him straight in the chest!"
by I Mike636 I August 17, 2008
Top Definition
The act of getting T-bagged by a ballsack the size of a bean bag chair
This big ass black guy bean bagged the shit out of me.
by ssstaples July 10, 2011
The art of thoroughly getting fucked over by a co-worker. His catatonic reflex to the anger directed towards him after the fucking is delt is usually enjoyed only by those who see the impersonation afterwards.
I was supposed to get relieved 20 minutes ago. Who is relieving you? Oh god no you just got Bean Bagged again.
by Palokuku June 25, 2008
So off your face your limbs have the limpness of a beanbagged.
"Hey, John?"
"Mate, it's not worth trying; he's beanbagged."
by AmeliaPerfection June 22, 2015
When someone places their scrotum on you
Hey when Tod was asleep last night I bean bagged him and he didn't even know
by plutoloco4 December 13, 2008
when one sits on a bean bag and is slowly eating and raped by said bean bag vicously until all that is left is underwear and converses
Emma: dude you ever been bean baged?
paul: no what's that
Arvind: ah he doesn't know emma lets go (nod's wisely)
Paul: awww come on let me be bean bagged
Emma: well, ok....
Paul: ok (sit's on bean bag) what now, o god help help!!!!!
Arvind and Emma: paul you were just bean bagged baby!
by Art students May 04, 2007
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