A BMW motorcycle. NOT to be confused with bimmer, a BMW automobile.
"Hey Ian, check out my new beamer!"
"Thats a sedan not a motorcycle jackass"
by bmw enthuisist July 02, 2009
(adj) a f*cking douchebag/asshole in a BMW who drives as if he owns the road, but unaware that rather than being admired, he's being flipped off by every surrounding driver and pedestrian within a 5 mile radius.
1) -gets cut off by a BMW-

Man, what a freaking beamer.

2) "What kind of driver is Larry?" "He's a beamer"
by slovaniktwist January 12, 2011
A person whose life is devoted to playing video games.

Word originates from the beaming that goes on between said beamer and the tv set on which he is playing his game.
Jim called himself a gamer; but everyone at school made fun of him calling him a beamer.
by DimDog May 08, 2007
In Cricket, a ball that is delivered and reaches the batsman on the full above the waist. Can be very dangerous
Brett Lee bowled McCullum a beamer
by umpirestrikesback May 17, 2005
BMW, a type of car. Beamer is a gansta word
Zim zimmer who got tha keys to ma beamer!
by Gregboi June 24, 2005
Slang for a BMW car or motorcycle.
"The next bike I'm getting is going to be a beamer."
by Zoist May 16, 2005
Someone who is controlled, manipulated, or otherwise abused by perpetrators of electronic mind control.
I think Ted Kacyznski was a beamer, I heard he was in MK ULTRA or something. OMG now I'm in MK too! dude.. our government is evil....
by click! June 07, 2009

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