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Rockin' da Beeeeeeeeeeeahs?
or: Hey, want to get some beahs?
by WhiteMariposa May 02, 2010
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A person who is completely detrimental to society and is offensive to all five senses.
Marc: Hey Alan!

Alan: What?

Marc: Your a beah!

Alan: Your a nub-beah!
by yourabeah July 01, 2009
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To disagree with or to claim someone is full of shit and not worth listening to.
A derivative of the original "mmmbeah" as if one was thinking about what someone talking is saying, "hmmm..." and then pronouncing it false "yeah, whatever"
monkey1: "I think the last Kenny G album was his dopest yet and Eminem has so much talent, he was great in 8 Mile"

monkey2: "beah"
by dr.blade June 14, 2003
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We get beah weed from him.
by Andy September 18, 2003
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