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When you need to be doing something important, but instead you lay on you stomach, like a beached whale, doing nothing
Peter was supposed to be studying, but instead he was beaching it, and decided to watch Netflix
by C "Babyface" T September 07, 2011
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To covince a fat girl to have sex with you. Derived from the idea that she is a fat whale and you have "landed" or "beached" her.
"See that fat chick on the end of the bar? If I have another two shots I'm going to end up beaching it."
by David Jones September 09, 2005
1. Going to the beach.
2. Past tense would be 'beached it'.
3. Future tense would be 'beach it'.
What are you doing right now?
I am Beaching in with the guys down at PB.

What did you do yesterday?
I beached it with the guys down at PB.

What are you doing tomorrow?
I am going to beach it with the guys at PB.
by Border Brother August 22, 2005

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