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Beachin is an action, a process, a way of life, and a philosophy. Beachin involves finding an empty beach and laying in the sand with your friends staring at the universe. It involves discussing deep life issues, sociopolitical issues, philosophy, etc. However, it can also include relaxed conversation. The ocean breeze is very relaxing and comforting. Beachin is an art and if done properly can be at the height of the human experience. Beachin is also a form of chillin since it is very relaxing even though it can consist of serious conversation. Beaching provides a great view of the open ocean. Beachin is related to Roofin. Beachin is the best.
Guy 1: Yo were Beachin!!!
*deep conversation*

Guy 2: Yo look at that star!

Guy 3: Oh Shoot!

Guy 4: Were Beachin
*deep conversation*

*deep conversation*

Girl 1: were Beachin!

*deep conversation*

Girl 2: Hell yea!

*deep conversation*

Girl 3: Look at that star!!

Girl 4: I think that is a planet over there? What do you think Guy 2?

Guy 2: Yea I think it is!

*deep conversation*
*deep conversation*
by Beachinisreal December 24, 2013
To be so high that you lay back and moan like a beached whale.
Man, we shouldn't brought Roman to smoke this blunt, he's totally beachin' right now.
by Kanak92 October 12, 2010
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