When You Are Really Stoned, Past Being
guy1 "man i just had sooooo many cones..im so beached right now"
guy2 "dude me too, pass the chips"
by ParasiticVampyric March 03, 2009
The act of defecating in a manner such that the turd does not get submerged in water, but instead resides on the inside of the toilet bowl (possibly indefinitely). Like a beached whale.
Bro, somebody beached a giant in the men's room.
by Anonymous75B May 08, 2008
When a turd either ends up partly or completely out of the toilet water, usually leaving residue in the bowl after you flush
"It was a huge shit...in fact, I beached it."
by FauxBeez January 28, 2006
having eaten so much that you have become immobile; feeling like and resembling a beached whale.
she ate an entire chocolate cake and was subsequently beached
by spoony mcj-j June 26, 2007
When a person highly resembles a beached whale in a picture. The chin and neck area is sometimes huge and/or flabby, ruining the entire picture.
Oh, man. I look so beached in that picture. Untag me!
by talia06 May 05, 2006
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