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The scars or temporary wounds sustained in sexual intercourse, usually when one person claws at anothers back with their nails as a result of experiencing an orgasm.
"last night was amazing, look at these battlescars she gave me"
by Davies1337 May 27, 2008
A tiny scar or mark that a bro likes to point out and pretend is hardcore even though he got it from eating shit off a ten inch hight dirt ramp.
Bro: dude you should see my battle scars
Guy: oh, how'd you get that?
Bro: uhhh.... you know....
by KittyKatKiller February 05, 2010
Spots where skin has rubbed off of the genitalia from masturbating with a subtence that is too thin
water, body soap, dish soap, siliva, or anything else that would be stupid to use would be considered in giving you Battle Scars!
by SoberLeprechaun October 11, 2010
marks made on one's arms, legs, or other body parts caused by intentional cutting (often emo associated but not necessarily ((lets not stereotype))). These are typically across the street method and are typically only battlescars when they are older or partially healed.
Arms covered in little pinkish marks as though they were battlescars made when he/she was fighting depression...
by Echo da V April 24, 2011
the brown marks left at the bottom of the toilet after taking a vigorous poop.
man: someone left some mean battle scars at the bottom of the toilet.

man2: that was me, i just took a huge poop.
by ted sells June 07, 2006
Having male "love" stains on various garments. Usually includes, but is not limited to, clothing, bed sheets, and porn magazines.
Ahh man I think Darco left mad amounts of battlescars on his blanket. Get it out of here!
by Yonzo Bs June 11, 2008
Pictures from a night out/party uploaded to the internet (usually a social networking site) including at least one person who did not upload the picture. In particular, pictures in which the participants look intoxicated. I.e. they are put on display and those in the photos are unable to remove them.
Person A: Dude, have you seen the battlescars yet?
Person B: Yea, I can't believe I got my cock out on stage...
by Stirnz May 16, 2011
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