Basil is a word you can call someone if you do not feel the need to say their real name, you could just replace their name with Basil. Just a casual saying around the Hampshire region, but let's get the nation involved!
you alright Basil?
by Mollaise May 05, 2011
Basil the lil greek who gets all da sexy ladies
when i grow up i wanna be like basil
by Ye ha November 23, 2004
Sexy, stunning and absolutely amazin. His quake 2 and 3 skills surpass anyone living. See also: Player!
Bas is sexy!
by Bas- April 30, 2003
Basil is a very cool guy but its pernounced BAS-IL DUMBASSES!
biohazzard is a Basil.
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
A posh chump
'he's a right basil'.
by Verity Limo December 23, 2003
Basil Hayden Bourbon made in Kentucky
Basil is the best tasting bourbon ever!!
by Rick Starr May 12, 2006
To do something really stoopid when drunk, usually involving personal injury, humiliation, or a night in the cells.
he pulled a basil when thinking he could drive after several bottles of wine, smashed into local cop shop
by ben cullen February 12, 2005

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