Code name for weed like when ur in school and u need to buy some without getting caught or when you try to tell a story of your "adventures" and u need to say it to the whole world without the popo on ur ass
Hey dude you got the basil?
Ya man i got an ounce in my car!
Yo quiero basil! (emphasis on the a to sound like a sheep and on the i to make an eeee sound like baaaahhhhhseeeel)
by [TomTom] January 05, 2009
The thick, lint-like substance that forms upon one's balls when unwashed.
Jill was horrified when she tried to go down on Jack and found his nuts to be covered in basil.
by Derpa Derpa Derp December 20, 2005

Its from Ashley when she was drunk on Rock of Love Bus.

"people who eat basil are lame"
wow, that bitch is basil.
by BasilLover March 13, 2009
Bearded Terrorist who lives in maine
Look its Osama bin its Basil
by .....mason gluade May 04, 2005
Basil means Asian Drop-out
Hey man don't be a basil
by Anonymous March 23, 2003

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