To leave with great remorse or dissapointment.
1, Man, this shit is wacky tabacky, lets basil from this hell hole.

2, Lets basil
by Jackson Price March 16, 2005
To do something really stoopid when drunk, usually involving personal injury, humiliation, or a night in the cells.
he pulled a basil when thinking he could drive after several bottles of wine, smashed into local cop shop
by ben cullen February 12, 2005
To give something/one the brush-off. Etymology: Basil Brush the childrens character.
The meeting was full of pelicans, so I gave it The Basil.
by T-Bone75 August 20, 2007
A general doing word.
Other hybirds are Splarge and Swessel.
I'm Baslin' it back to the 15th Century
by Dr. Spong February 16, 2005
Code name for weed like when ur in school and u need to buy some without getting caught or when you try to tell a story of your "adventures" and u need to say it to the whole world without the popo on ur ass
Hey dude you got the basil?
Ya man i got an ounce in my car!
Yo quiero basil! (emphasis on the a to sound like a sheep and on the i to make an eeee sound like baaaahhhhhseeeel)
by [TomTom] January 05, 2009
Basil Is Da Name ...So Stand Up And 7ot 2edak 3la Radak:D
Basil Is Da Name ....So Stand Up And 7ot 2edak 3la Radak:D
by Basil January 12, 2005
see douche bag
Basil is a for real douche bag
by it'sknown March 23, 2003

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