Ok you people are morons lmao Baseball is an unathletic "sport" where a guy with a small penis uses steroids to be competetive and sits on a bench and waits for his turn to bat and then runs around a gay ass square. Anyone can do that, its not athletic at all. Track takes more talent, Soccer, Hockey, Racing, takes more talent. in baseball all you do is sit on the bench a few hours and go up to hit once then run around and around a square wtf is that??? thats why guys like Deon and Michael can go play baseball just like that, plus look at Barry Bonds that nigga cant even run a mile, Baseball is so gay you people are dumb as fuck and soccer you work way harder then gay ass Baseball, those soccer players they can fucking run all day amazing ass stamina, and they kick each other with those pumped up legs, football is hard too those players stack on top of each other and run around 50 yards really fast thats definintely more of a sport than baseball, Hockey is just as hard as football, they hit hard as fuck and there going 20 mph on the fucking ice and smash on each other, you gotta be strong for that shit, and that shit is nonstop action instead of baseball 80% of the game on the bench ROFL, and track is hard too you gotta run 5-10 miles and they can trip and have a life threatening injury. to all those stuck up kids who play baseball and say those sports are queer those sports arent queer your fucking stupid baseball is queer cause its not athletic. and NASCAR and F1, they can go in 120 degree heated cars for 4 hours and not pass out their some true athletes, I'm not saying I like Racing but racing is a sport no doubt way harder and better then baseball plus if they make a mistake they can die in an instant, so can hockey players and football players. baseball players have nothing to worry about except muscle tears cause their muscles are so god damn weak. Anyone can play baseball its that damn easy do you ever see a Baseball player with muscles? No because its not athletic. It takes no damn talent at all. Basketball, Football, Soccer, Track, Hockey, Racing etc. All of those guys have muscles except Baseball players. and FOOTBALL is America's pasttime not gay ass Baseball.
I'm sorry if I hurt all of your nerd ass feelings making you realize how gay baseball is, it's not your fault your all not good enough to play basketball, football, or hell even hockey or soccer.
by Antonio Smith June 20, 2006
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What people think about to avoid premature ejaculation, when having sex.
I wanted to please my wife, so I thought about baseball.
by Dalian February 24, 2006
The greatest sport ever. PERIOD. Misunderstood by jackasses who have never seen or been to a game.

For everyone who says that baseball is boring, my response is that it is only boring to you because you're too much of an ignorant prick to realize the complexities of the game.

You just see a pitcher throwing a ball to a guy with a bat. You don't see that the pitch is an outside breaking ball because the pitcher's hoping to get the guy to hit a ground ball to the right side for a double play.

You don't see the shortstop and second baseman signal who has coverage every pitch based on the hitter and situation.

You don't see the outfield playing a deep shift to left field when Albert Pujols is batting.

You don't see the pitcher back up third on a ball hit to the outfield with a man on first or, for that matter, the first baseman trailing behind the runner in case of a run-down.

You don't see a pull hitter hitting to the opposite field because there is a gap where the second baseman is playing closer to the bag because he has coverage on the steal.


You just see a man with a glove throwing a ball to a man with a stick...and for THAT...you are a dumbass.

Ignorant baseball hater: Baseball is boring!

Ball fan/player: Why do you say that!

Ignorant baseball hater: Because all it is is some guy throwing a ball to some guy with a stick!

Ball fan/player: But yet you don't see that he's trying to trick the batter into either swinging at a bad pitch or he's trying to get him to hit a ground ball to short? Besides, have you ever tried to hit a 90 MPH fast ball?

Ignorant baseball hater: No.

Ball fan/player: I rest my case.
by BigD87 August 01, 2008
a very hard ball
able to do some damage
a fan was struck in the ass with a baseball and now has an stretched out rectum
by Jay June 02, 2003
Baseball is a sport which I know and love. Anyone who can take the time and learn every aspect of this amazing sport is high on my list. It takes cunning, skill, determination, speed (especially), and persistance to do well and have fun. But winning is nice too.
Did you see that baseball player? Look at that speed.
by Ryan D April 30, 2005
A game only intelligent people understand.
Baseball isn't just about home runs, dumbass!
by mista conspiracy May 02, 2005
Yes, people use baseball to define sports and marajuana, but it is also used to describe, surprise surprise, SEX! When people are too ashamed to say what they have done sexually, they refer to the base system.
First Base: Kissing or Making Out
Second Base: Fingering or Touching each other
Third Base: Oral Sex
Home Base: Vaginal Sex
Jack: "I played a little baseball last night."
John: "Really? Did you make a home run?"
by GloriaSanchez84 July 10, 2008
Competition to see who can withstand the most steroids.
Boy#1: "Yo Big Jason, do you think the yankees will win the baseball game tonight."

Boy#2: "Nah, they will lose, Alex Rodriguez quit taking steroids a long time ago."
by TonySaucy July 27, 2009

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