A keg, or any large container of alcohol (such as a handle). Usually said with a hold on the el.
Trent: Where's the barrelllll?
by DanTheMizan March 07, 2006
To approach a girl or group of girls uninvited
Hey, I'm gunna go barrel these bitches!
by ashdogs July 27, 2012
Fat Prick
Gez you barrel, ha ha you Barrel.

I need to loose wait but love food im such a barrel
by The Fellowship of the Barrel's April 22, 2010
the barrel of a gun
yo he was sweatin when i had the barrel in his face
by AC June 03, 2003
1. to do something completely fucking awesome

2. to have sex
1. Gawd do I barrel

2. I barrelled that hot girl all night long.
by true barreller April 02, 2003
oil burning pipe; crystal meth
Do u got a barrel?; Lets smoke sum barrel
by inland empire spinners April 09, 2009
A term used in aussie rules football. A kind of kick where the ball travels end first spinning in counter-clockwise/ clockwise motion which is more aerodynamic than more commonly used drop punt. It is used to maximise distance of the balls travel.
Barrels it from 65, its going, it's not gonna make the dist- WHAT A GOAL. He's put it through.
by coinroller August 03, 2007

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