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When an individual is able leave a present location without detection and without notifying anyone.
Hey, where's Mike?
He went home already. I think he Barone'd us.
by E-Boss November 09, 2005
When someone with a high level of ego , and has no common sense at anything he/she said , just wanna reply you without thinking and make you wrong. It can be your boss or someone higher level than you in work or your adviser in school.
Guy just arrived at work on time and saw his boss , The guy said "Good morning"

Boss: why you are late ?

Guy : I'm not !! it 7;55 !!

Boss: well sometimes you need to come before time.

Guy: Shuuuuut up you are such a Barone!!

Boss: You're fired!!!
by skyraider April 22, 2010
As Soft as Possible. like Pillows, cotton, and so forth.
Dude did you see those memory foam mattresses at sleep country canada?, they're so "Barone!"
by The Almond Bandit November 11, 2009
A certain high caliber of man. Person of high quality and prestige. Certified 'dude' status.
Ex1: "Mikey? Yeah dude, he's a total barone."

Ex2: "It was easy to pickup at the loser party... not a barone in sight."
by tonymc November 09, 2011
A southeastern slang term for an iced coffee, either from Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, etc. Pronounced with a long "a" sound at the end.
"If you're going to stop at at Dunkin Donuts, grab me a medium barone please."
by clearlee December 17, 2009
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