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:An Extraordinary, Remarkable Person : A Highly Trained Professional! : relating to or being phenomenal : as known through the senses rather than through thought : A Versitile word that can be used in any way shape or form otherwise know as a Barnabism
He fixed everything barnably, When he was done it was better than new! Well thats barnaby for ya!
by Leoj29092281 February 07, 2010
From a Biblical name meaning "son of consolement". It is an Anglicised version of Barnabas. Shortened names are Barney, Barnes, Bar.
Barnaby is a name often associated with Charles Dickens but other writers have created characters called Barnaby.
by twerpyKolborg March 26, 2010
To do a poo in the woods
*man comes back from a forest pulling up trousers*

person 1. by jove, he pulled off a barnaby!

person 2. yes, and he left the loo paper
by big-macd April 14, 2011
1. Used to express disappointment or anger.
2. Used as a replacement fro the word "bad" in a sentence.
3. Used as an insult.
1. "Oh, BARNABY!!! I failed the science test!"
2. "You're so Barnaby at football"
3. "You're such a Barnaby!"
by iliart December 07, 2009
1. A big purple dinosaur, usually from France. Short Form: Barney
2. An overbearing chav impersonating an upper class Brit.
3. Flagrantly homosexual.
Look at that guy, he's barna-being! Barnaby: Heich-Dee TV.
by Sechelle March 27, 2008
A large flightless bird commonly reffered to as 'The dumb cunt"
Birdwatcher: Hey look it's a Barnaby!
by cjuck up norris June 07, 2016
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