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To be 'Barkered', is to be a person (of the male or female variety) who has become victim to a brutal facial rape by an out of control lout. Said lout can be identified by excessive self nipple rubbing, or, alternatively, prior to attack, you will meet his gaze and be sucked in to a terrifying death stare where the lout will vigorously bite his bottom lip in anticipation of the meal to come.
victim - OH MY GOD some guy just nearly sucked my face off in a washing machine of tongue and lip action

standard LAD - yer you just got barkered....... slag
by booyaaaaaaaaa April 25, 2010
To totally screw something up through ones own stupidity
I was talking to this girl, everything was going great till i totally barkered out and grabbed her boob
by ConfederateRokr June 28, 2010
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