Medium-sized brass instrument, mainly recognizable by the fact that it is NOT an euphonium. The baritone is its smaller brother - and naming it as such is astonishingly silly, as the baritone sounds like a digimon on acid if played to high. Some brittish people are known to make them sound decent, though. May or may not have four valves.
Indecent man: "Say, good sir, is that a baritone i spot under your arm?



The baritone was mounted on top of a pyramid of several baritones when, suddenly, an euphonium entered from above, for it would smite them to the ground and grow lillies from their valves.
by Cap Alone January 11, 2011
the silly, loud, perverted, and just plain creepy section of a marching band; it's basically an oversized bass clef trumpet. P.S. it's not the same thing as a mellophone
Those guys are such baritones.
by euphoniumshadow19 October 28, 2008

The medium male singing voice. Plays the nasties in opera and musical theater: cruel prison wardens and other villains.
It's a rather sensuous voice range... although the tenor range is quite sexy for moi... what does it matter?

Tenor, baritone, or bass, the male voice turns me on!
by Sam October 28, 2004
also a brass instrument, as well as a voice. alternatively it is a serious medical condition that can be fatal if not treated immediately. it is known as kidney baritones.
i cant come into work, ive got the baritones.
by bucket princess October 30, 2003
A trombone with the absence of testosterone.
Guy 1: Look at that gay guy holding that freaky mini tuba thing

Guy 2: Yep that's just one of those loser baritones who think they belong in the band but they don't.

Guy 1: What a homo
by Jacobp35 August 21, 2010
a baritone is like a (nick) child, it should be seen and not heard, it eats mushy up food and pees the bed. has runny noses and are bad at tuning. known exponents of this fine art are a couple of scottish jakies - bubba and spock
the baritone has just pissed the bed, we'd better clean it up
by bubba, bucket abd spock December 17, 2003
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