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1. Giving a blowjob.

Derived from the confectionary "gobstopper" which is a sucking lollie
Maxwell: Dam Shirley gives a good gobbi, she was sucking for ages!

Matt: Cool...
by Frailer May 05, 2009
A family whose ancestors are part of the Italian Mafia.
Really cool, down-to-earth people.
Will pick a friend up when they're down.
Don't take no bullshit, look straight to the problem and tackle it head-on.
Witty, caring, and good-looking people.

Definately people you do NOT want to mess with.
Don't mess with the Gobbi's, they'll mess you up for good.
by Gobbi February 27, 2011
Gobbi, Bryan

Wicked guitar player insanely coo. WENT TO DOUGIMUN! long heavy metal hair ... HAWT
"Did you see Odium play last night?"
"Yeah dude, Gobbi rawked."
by mish February 19, 2005
a gobbi is a dirty kid with greasy hair and yellow teeth
plural gobbis
that gobbi wears the same shirt every day

look at that gobbis greasy ass hair

all the security gaurds at limestone are gobbis
by House of Payne October 20, 2005
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