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An accidental diss
Guy 1: I think i'm gonna apply to DICK'S.
Guy 2: Yeah you'd fit right in there.
Guy 1: Hey!
Guy 2: Sorry about the accidiss, I just meant you know a lot about sports.
by euphoniumshadow19 December 16, 2008
an asian getting an 89 or less on something, also known as an asian fail
Steve: What's wrong?
Ching-Lao: I got an 88 on my chemistry test
Steve: Wow you totally a-bombed!
by euphoniumshadow19 March 01, 2009
The feeling (like you just spent a long night at a bar) that you get after a high school football game.

Applys to members of the band, drill team, color guard, fans, and of course the football team.
Guy 1: You want to go out today.
Guy 2: Not after the game yesterday, I've got a total football hangover
by euphoniumshadow19 December 21, 2008
the silly, loud, perverted, and just plain creepy section of a marching band; it's basically an oversized bass clef trumpet. P.S. it's not the same thing as a mellophone
Those guys are such baritones.
by euphoniumshadow19 October 28, 2008
An instrument played by the cockiest of band members. Those who play the trumpet tend to think they are the gods of the band.
That arrogant bastard is such a trumpet.
by euphoniumshadow19 October 29, 2008

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