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cockney rhyming slang
Barclays Bank - Wank
-"mate, i just had the best barclays of my life"
by Robbie Boot April 29, 2008
22 14
"Barclay" is to jizz on another mans face. To have your face jizzed upon by another male.
Oh my god bro did that dude just pin you down and jizz on your face? You just got barclay'd.
by Dick Balta February 03, 2011
43 37
a person that is a total fuckwitt
he's such a barclay he thinks a sign that says "Wet Paint" is an instruction
by Flange The Inquisitor February 04, 2007
45 68
A general term used in place for someone overweight or obese.
Hey dudes, look at that complete Barclay over there! You can see his sweat stains under his manboobs!
by Damon Gant November 25, 2007
33 61
the name of a male cat that has been nootered, usually with a quiet temperament and no distinctive personality.
"Hey Jim, you're cat is so calm and nice. Must be a Barclay?"
by Sara Kerens July 20, 2006
16 47
alternate spelling of Berkeley - derived from the phrase "Berkeley Hunt" - which is cockney rhyming slang for cunt
also the root of work berk.
I wouldn't trust that barclay, he'd have the shirt off your back if he thought he'd get away with it.
by Flange The Inquisitor May 17, 2007
19 52