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Barbados is paradise... With very nice people
I went to barbados last week... Isnt english weather crap!
by weez February 25, 2005
Bajan (barbadian) slang for lesbian...
She seems like wicker fi me
by weez August 30, 2005
1)the faeces of a bug
2) The never ending cycle of life..
3) A very very very good/ fit thing
1)Ewww i trod in bug poo
2) Bug poo today... bug poo tomorrow, bug poo yesterday
Bug poo is the future
3) Yummy... hes a right nice bug poo
by weez August 20, 2005
incredibly cool people who work on the hot chicken counter at burgess hill tescos, refered to as teskimos, as they spend most of their time retrieving cold foods from the chiller and JP never has any chiller coats!
Ohhh, lets go meet he teskimos. I want some chicken
by weez August 20, 2005
black eyed peas main person
that black eyed peas guy will.i.am....what a dude!
by weez April 27, 2005

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