An overweight individual - often female - who erroneously refers to themselves as "curvy." Banjos are typically delusional about the state of their appearance and desirability.
"She told me she had an hourglass figure, but she was a banjo."
by RamsesThePigeon December 06, 2014
an instrument with steel strings which can also be used to castrate or strangle wannabe ganstah homo thug cocksuckers.
I took the string off my banjo to cut the little nuts off of that crack head 50 cent.
by Publicenemytribe January 16, 2004
Hillbilly instrument used to make music. Folk music. The best tootin' grab yer wife n swap'er rootin', beast folk music.
The Hillbilly played his banjo, sexually, to the cows, the cows rejoced in joy of this country and western rootin' tootin' banjo playin'.
fo' shizzle
by lewi November 17, 2003
The little pieceof skin that connects the 4skin to the bell
ross evans's banjo has many warts
by Lord Matt Cowling June 04, 2003
Used in part as a greeting to a friend, Native to a small part of yorkshire and shortend from the word Banjomofo.
Used in conjunction with the term Shabba in reply and acknowledgment to a friend or well wisher (see example).
Also shortend into Banj.
Friend 1: "Morning Banjo!"
Friend 2: "Alright Shabba!"

Friend 1: "Banjo"
Friend 2: "Shabba"
Friend 1: "Shabba Banjo"

Friend 1: "Fancy a pint after work Banj?"
Friend 2: "Too right shabba!"

by Fyrewyre October 28, 2006
A banjo takes place between a husband and wife only. It occurs when a wife refuses to sleep with her husband resulting in the only proper use of a banjo. While the wife is sleeping, the husband masturbates and just before orgasm wakes the wife up and proceeds to give her a facial.
Dude, she just wouldn't give it up so I gave her a banjo; Did John tell you about giving his wife a banjo?; If she won't give you any, buy her a banjo.
by SchoonerShark July 16, 2009
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