The little pieceof skin that connects the 4skin to the bell
ross evans's banjo has many warts
by Lord Matt Cowling June 04, 2003
an instrument with steel strings which can also be used to castrate or strangle wannabe ganstah homo thug cocksuckers.
I took the string off my banjo to cut the little nuts off of that crack head 50 cent.
by Publicenemytribe January 16, 2004
the bit that joins your bell to your shaft
my banjo snapped!
by ross evans May 22, 2003
Hillbilly instrument used to make music. Folk music. The best tootin' grab yer wife n swap'er rootin', beast folk music.
The Hillbilly played his banjo, sexually, to the cows, the cows rejoced in joy of this country and western rootin' tootin' banjo playin'.
fo' shizzle
by lewi November 17, 2003
Used in part as a greeting to a friend, Native to a small part of yorkshire and shortend from the word Banjomofo.
Used in conjunction with the term Shabba in reply and acknowledgment to a friend or well wisher (see example).
Also shortend into Banj.
Friend 1: "Morning Banjo!"
Friend 2: "Alright Shabba!"

Friend 1: "Banjo"
Friend 2: "Shabba"
Friend 1: "Shabba Banjo"

Friend 1: "Fancy a pint after work Banj?"
Friend 2: "Too right shabba!"

by Fyrewyre October 28, 2006
Instrument of choice for bogwoppits, inbreds, and old men.
I heard the dueling banjo music when those bogwoppits came into the store.
by Jay Plucinski February 09, 2005
1. A device used to make folk music. An example of this is dueling banjos, the banjo song that doesn't utterly suck.

2. Specifically a video game bear with a noisy bird in his backpack.
1. I reckon I'm a gonna play this here banjer an' bang mah sistar all day 'n night huh yuck!

2. Wow. I just played banjo kazooie. It sure is a lot like Mario 64.
by Poor boy from a poor family December 14, 2003

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